To artist Athur van Riet it feels natural
 to cooperate with musician Jeroen Linnenbank. 
The inspiration to make his artphoto projects
 comes from the beauty of nature and music. 
It is his big ambition to combine artphotography
with live music and sounds of nature, 
and bring to life in a theaterconcert.

Jeroen Linnenbank has been theatermusician 
in more than 20 years. 
After he moved to Norway the urge to play the music
he “hears” while walking in the magnificant Norwegian landscape
 on stage grows stronger.

Arthur and Jeroen met through a beautiful coincidence
and since then traveled together through Norway
to collect sounds, compose music and take photographes. 
JA! was formed the first time they met. 
Now they are on tour with their theaterconcert.